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Why Choose Iron Eagle?

QUALITY; We don't cut corners.

There's many ways to cut corners in the construction of anything including trailers, and these cuts are not always obvious. Insufficient deck support, Insufficient welds, Poor electrical wiring standards, or Lightweight axles are a few ways to hide shortcuts. We don't take shortcuts, we take the time to do it right, even where it can't be seen. Check out What to look for in a trailer page of this website, it has excellent information for you to review.

FEATURES; Options are not required.

Your trailer will come complete with the features you need. We realize the frustration in purchasing a product, any product, and then finding that some basic necessities are costly options that must be purchased separately, such as Tie-down hooks, Tongue jack, Tailgate, Stake pockets, Etc. Some manufactures operate that way, we don't. We build well-equipped trailers that are setup to be used right away.

DEPENDABLE; We design every trailer to last decades.

Everyone has seen it. A loaded trailer on the side of the road with a jack under the axle and the owner nowhere to be found. Unless it's a flat tire, the problem is nearly always damaged wheel bearings. We know that wheel bearing failure is a significant problem with trailers on the road today. We know what causes it and we know how to avoid it. We have strict procedures regarding the wheel bearings of every trailer we produce. We can confidently say that the chance of wheel bearing failure is significantly lower than any trailer you can buy, period. "You can imagine an Iron Eagle trailer on the side of the road, you just won't see one."

SERVICE; We make it... We sell it... We back it up.

We're the Northwests most trusted name in trailers. It's what has kept us growing since 1995. Your satisfaction with us long after purchasing your trailer is important to our future and we take that very seriously. If an issue comes up regarding your trailer, we take care of it immediately. We won't make you go through "hoops" hoping you will determine it's too big of a hassle. We just do the right thing and get it taken care of. A Problem with an Iron Eagle trailer is rare so it is unlikely that you will ever have to call us, but if you do, we're "on top of it". If you decide to own an Iron Eagle trailer, you can be confident that you made the right choice, now or 5 years from now. Our customers don't regret purchasing an Iron Eagle trailer, we make sure of it.

SPECIALIZED; Trailers are all we do.

Many companies build trailers as a supplemental product to their main business, trailers are a sideline for them. If trailers work out great, if they don't they're discontinued. If you're considering dealing with one of these businesses click on What to look for in a trailer. It will be very helpful. Manufacturing trailers is our core business. Everything we do revolves around being the best trailer manufacturing company that offers unbeatable value to our customers. Since we are focused on a specific product line, we can offer you a higher quality trailer with more features at a lower cost.

HISTORY; We've been around since 1995.

Longer than most manufactures in the Northwest. That means can still take care of customers that have trailers over fifteen years old. We started manufacturing the Voyager Series utility trailer in two sizes and have grown to include several additional models and sizes since then, and we plan to be around for a long time to come. We've seen a lot of manufactures come and go, and when they are gone, so is there support.

VALUE; That's what you get when you put it all together.

You get a great trailer that's well equipped and ready to use. Your trailer is the most reliable available anywhere. The company that made it stands behind it. And your trailer maintains a maximum resale value. To sum it up, you get more per dollar from Iron Eagle than any other brand, a lot more.

SOUNDS LIKE A SALES PITCH; Are we full of hot air? No.

We are all the above without exaggeration. We don't expect you to take our word for it, the proof is with our existing customers and that proof is everywhere. There are nearly 10,000 Iron Eagle trailers in practically every town in the northwest being used by homeowners and businesses. The next time you see someone towing an Iron Eagle trailer, or see one in a parking lot or a neighbor's driveway, stop and ask them for their opinion, we know it will be good. You need to see for yourself why Iron Eagle is your best choice. We encourage every customer to visit one or two trailer dealerships in your area to see different trailer brands first hand and compare them to Iron Eagle. We know what differences you'll see because we know what's out there. First you'll be amazed, and then you'll be a customer.

Why Choose Iron Eagle?
Because we are the best at what we do ... period.